Interested in my own health, wellness, and fitness led me to try many different  nutrition and fitness plans.  This interest peaked into a passion in my career as a registered nurse, where I studied and researched more on nutrition as a Certified Diabetes Educator.

   Even with my own education, training, and skills I have fought my own battle on weight loss, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. While on my own journey I became an Independent Fitness Coach and my interests in nutrition and health grew with my own weight loss and health improvements. 

    In February, 2019 I completed the Dr. Sear’s Wellness Institution Health Coach Certification program for Adults and Seniors. As a Certified Health Coach I have established my own business to help others through their own journey to find their health and wellness. 

   My main objective with this blog site is to share value that will include lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition.

    I will be launching several courses, and modules in the months to come. I am also available for 1:1 sessions to educate and guide anyone who wants to learn and develop their own personalized plan for their health journey. 

    One of the greatest take aways I have ever learned from my own experience and training is that there is no one set cookie cutter nutrition plan, we all have to find that plan that is the right fit for our body. But we all have to follow plans that include Real Food. It is my goal to help you learn what system works for your body while having a Real Food plan.  A way of living healthy, obtaining your healthy weight, and having balance with all the other areas of your life.

Coach Cindy