Hi! I’m Cynthia (Cindy) Jennings. My Full Coach name is Cynthia Jennings, but I prefer to be called Coach Cindy.

Thanks for stopping by.

I have been on a journey with my own weight, fitness, and health the greatest part of my life.

I have studied many different diet plans and nutrition as a nurse and a Certifiied Diabetes Educator, and now continue as a Certified Health Coach.

I have a passion for making sure that I not only look and feel better, but that I will have a much better quality of life for a long time. My family is why I want to be my best and live a long healthy life.


I believe that age is just a number, wre as able to enjoy life to the fullest when we are Healthy, Happy, and Fit! I want to share this and inspire women of all ages to believe in themselves because “What the mind believes, the body achieves”.

I also am a firm believer in looking our best, and that includes our giving ourselves self love, taking care of not only our fitness, and nutrition, but our skin and hair deserves our self love.

Coach Cindy