Clean Week Day 3

Today was Clean Week Day 3 of the Challenge that I am in, and I hated that I have not felt well enough today to do the workout and I also held my Shakeology. One thing I have learned through my journey with the Challenge programs is to listen to my body. My stomach was not in a good place today and I felt that it best give myself a rest.

Rest is important in for our health as much as getting enough hydration, nutrition and activity.  Which reminds me that today the CDC released to the press that the rate of obesity has gone up again in the United States, and that child obesity is definitely on the rise.

With that in mind I will be announcing a surprise for those who have children or grandchildren that they would like to help get more activity in their day and it will also be a great way for families to have more quality time with each other. So, stay tuned and I will be sharing more.

Coach Cindy