Finding Fitness Friday

What living healthy and well means to me is every day is Finding Fitness Day! Today is Friday and it is definitely a great day to be Finding Fitness. I began my journey only a couple of months ago and in this short time I have lost 22lbs, and countless inches. My self-confidence has soared and I am actually enjoying working out.  I don’t have a magic pill or magic potion. But what I do have is a great support system and team who along with the workout program and some awesome nutritional supplements have helped me to learn how to love my body and live a healthier lifestyle. Because I have been able to make this transformation in my life I want to pay it forward and help others who may be wanting to become heathier, learn how to eat a clean diet, lose weight, and become fit I have chosen to do this as a Wellness and Fitness Coach. I am not a personal trainer, or a dietitian, but I am a Registerd Nurse who understands human anatomy and physiological processes, that can coach others with learning how to improve eating habits and implement activity to reach those goals. I can also provide the support and motivational skills to help others succeed.

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