I Have Stopped Living a Lie!

What the Heck happened to me? I finally have woke up from the Lie or as I like to think of my life from oh age 24-63 as my real time Nightmare of lie to myself and to everyone around me. Yep, I was not able to make that true me step forward and be seen by the world.

Sure I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to have that super body that was full of energy, was strong, and could look good in whatever the latest outfits were for the fashion season.

So, heck I did it all over those 37 years of my life, before I reached my limit of tolerance for my weight gain, and my health. I did it all before I started with my nutrition and fitness journey, and before I began coaching. I took pills, I eliminated foods, I essentially starved myself during times of my life. I did random and pointless exercises.

If there was a short cut, I was willing to try. There were so many fads. A pill to suppress my appetite, an injection to boost my metabolism? Sure, sign me up, even if it makes me jittery, and my heart beats ten times faster. A wrap to take off body fat? Sure, sign me up! A ridiculously expensive gym, membership and even more ridiculously expensive personal trainer? Why not, I will sign up and pay lots to seldom (if ever) attend, because I knew my schedule wasn’t going to fit in with their schedules. A no carb, no sugar diet? Sure, I will do it! Even though the outlook of sustainability is slim to none, and I am adding a ton of fat to my body while increasing, my bad cholesterol to dangerous levels.

Wake up and end this nightmare of Lies! Ya’ll it is about Balance, eating a variety of the RIGHT foods. Not elimination and deprivation. It’s about learning to fuel your body for YOUR lifestyle and that may not look the same for you as it does for me! It’s about learning the value of moving your body in a way that YOU enjoy.

This is YOUR journey, and it should be about YOU, not the newest, latest and greatest craze of fad in weight loss. It is about loving your body, loving yourself, and LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE. Not Living my life or some other persons ideals.

It should not be EASY or A FAST ANSWER. But it should be worth the commitment, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

If you are sick of the scams, sick of the diets, sick of deprivation, sick of the gimmicks, and ready to work hard, let me know! I am always happy to support, encourage, and cheer you on, but I can’t do the work for you!



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