It is Coming!

What, What is Coming you ask? Only the Biggest and most Exciting new Fitness Program to hit the Beachbody Market in 3-5 years!!! Yes, we still have to get through New Years Eve and Celebrate 2018 coming in!How many times have you set your New Year Goals and Resolutions up for getting fit and losing 25-30 pounds? How many times have you reached that goal? Did you join a gym, start a new weight loss program, how many different ways have you tried?

Well, for me I am well into my adult life and I think every year since age 25 I have set my goals to lose 25 pounds, exercise, and get healthy. I have tried every program imaginable, I have joined gyms, special exercise programs designed for women, jazzed it, Zumba, you name it!

This past year I found my answer, and it was with Beachbody! I have lost 41 pounds and countless inches with the Beachbody On Demand programs, followed the 21 Day Fix and Fixate plans, I am a solid believer their Shakeology and I know that all of this together has been what lowered my blood pressure and got me taken off all of my medication for blood pressure.

So, when corporate announced they would be releasing a new program in 2018 that Autumn Calabrese would be leading as the trainer, that totally got my attention. The time is approaching and the official launch of this new program will be January 15, 2018.

Now is the time to be getting ready for 80 Day Obsession, friends this is a Revolutionary Live Online workout program. Autumn will be leading us for 80 Days, each day will be a new workout, because this will be live. We will go forward day by day with her.

The Coach Test Group had phenomenal results, weight loss and inches! One of the Coaches Miquel Carrasco, stated that he lost 35lbs over the 80 days and all the concerns that he had about doing 80 Days of a program were all the reasons that he had awesome results.

There never has been a Streaming Live Daily program, where the Trainer will be working with you to reach your best potential. Autumn will be also providing us with the nutrition and meal planning guide specially designed for her 80 Day Obsession program. Check out this video on my website, and see what this is going to be all about.

While I am talking about the name of this program, what do you think of when you here 80 Day Obsession? I know I thought, uh,oh, this is about being obsessed with exercise, and diet. Wrong answer. What the main objective is to become obsessed with yourself and becoming the best you can be.

Have I got your attention yet? The 80 Day Obsession Challenge Packs will be going on sale December 14th and I am taking pre-enrollments for your purchase. Get on board and be put on the early order list! I will hold your order and send it in immediately on December 14th!

This is big and you don’t want to wait and miss this fantastic pre-launch sale that starts on December 14th!

To get you prepared the Week long program of a Little Obsessed will be released on BOD December 20th.

Feel free to use the contact form and reach out to get on the preorder list.[ninja_form id=1]