Motivation ….Where does it come from?🤔

This is just one question that I am asked on a fairly frequent basis. 

No one can give someone else Motivation,🤭 I know this is a real shocker to many.  That leads to a second question, how do you get motivated? 

If there is one take away I can give you is this; motivation happens when you are consistent, show up every day, focus, and results start happening.

Here are the Take Aways to getting Motivation

👉🏻Be Consistent 

👉🏻Show Up Every Day


👉🏻Results show up and Motivation will happen

It takes putting in that Focused Consistency , it is not going to be easy. There will be slip ups. When you slip and fall you pick yourself up, dust your self off and get back in the game! 

Give yourself some grace, we are all human and life happens.

Stop listening 🙉 to all those excuses! Be stronger than your excuses.

We are in the first few days of the New Year, these are the days when most people are reflecting on what they did or did not achieve over the year. Making their goals for the New a Year and joining a gym, joining weight loss programs, ordering

Latest equipment, pills, drinks, and pre made meals. 

Why not consider taking a different approach, take control of your own health and fitness, make a transformation and reset mindset about your health and fitness?

I am starting my New Year with the launch of my Virtual Gym where as a Health and Fitness Coach there will be accountability to be consistent, a chance to be successful with all the motivation of community.

If you are looking for motivation to gain more control over your weight, and management with a clean nutrition plan, and not with exercise I also have a Mentorship Group to help guide you and share with 1:1 or community support.

The choices are yours to make, for your Enrollment my e-mail is just put RiseStrongerTogether in the subject line for me. #bettertogether