Spring Cleaning…Believe!

Yesterday I felt like I just needed to clean out the clutter in my home and in my workspace and you know what? I made progress at least things got put away and trash bagged up to be put out. I didn’t get all clutter removed. But instead of getting frustrated, I took out my pen and paper drew a line down the middle on the left side I listed what my life was like before, on the right side I listed what my life is like now.

Wanna know what I found out? Well, I used to be anxious and was frustrated, I would be tired, I had no energy. I was ashamed of my body, and I lacked self confidence. I did not believe in my self. 

And now, I have so much more energy. I look at the positive sides of what I have accomplished not at what hasn’t been accomplished. I am confident, I am not ashamed of my body, I am excited to see the changes that losing 60 pounds did, but still I am aware I have saggy, areas and wrinkles, I am proud of every one of them and that saggy tummy carried two baby’s who are now grown men, but I am proud of them and not ashamed of the skin that stretched out of shape. I know I am strong and I know I am capable of doing the hard things to Stay healthy and fit. 

One last thing that I have now is Grit! I am determined too!

I won’t Give Up and I won’t Quit! Because this life is a Precious Gift and I want you to know you can reach your goals too!

I believe in you! Just as I Believe that what our Mind thinks that is what we will achieve.