The Valley of Time

Now that the Christmas Cookies and Eggnog has been eaten  and the stretchy yoga pants are even feeling a little tight!  Maybe the leggings are showing  more Cheesecake 🥧on the down low!😱

Who else 🙋‍♀️ is having thoughts turning to how to get rid of that Holiday weight gain! Summer bodies 😎 are built in the winter ❄️ and in January thoughts all turn to the New Year to burn off those cookies, cakes, candies, and holiday treats.  

Girl Friend, I hear you and I am feeling that same pain! But fear not because there is a  Problem Solver available that is Sure to relieve that extra weight gain and start off 2019 to be the Best You!   

I believe that this Valley of Time between Christmas and New Years is our given time for reflection and growth. A time for planning and setting our action plan for the upcoming year.

It is during this time that I plan and prepare for my 2019! I will be stronger, healthier and the Best person I have ever been . Join me on this journey and not only will you find my continued progression with my own personal health, but you will have a great opportunity to be a part of this movement.