Thursday Thoughts

Why I am me

Who is this person I am today? Why am I doing the Challenges, why am I a coach? Why am I where I am today? Such profound thoughts that have a simple answers.

I am married and I am mom of two grown sons, I have four grandkids, I am a Registered Nurse, I have a full-time career.  I am an advocate for healthy eating and exercise, I am as a nurse an educator, and I am interested in helping others to follow healthy practices. I have been this person for a long time, but somewhere between going through nursing school, raising two very active boys into being very good men, husbands, and fathers, I lost that person.

I have been a hot mess, I have been through years of yo-yo dieting, had myself convinced that I hated to exercise, my weight has been up, then down, then higher up, and down, and then even higher up. I literally had a closet full of clothes that ranged from size 10 up to size 18. I used to joke when my weight changes I can just go shopping in my own closet.

I have had every excuse that there is for not losing weight or following a real fitness plan. I don’t have time, I need my sleep and can’t get up early. I don’t have enough money to join a gym, or join something like Beachbody. I have to prepare two different meals if I am losing weight.  I have too many birthdays, parties, and social events that keep me from eating right. My work is not dieter friendly, I have to eat when I can and fast food is easy.

Then I would get depressed with my weight, be unhappy with my clothes they way the fit and start a new diet. Most often a fad diet or even spent hundreds of dollars on organized weight loss programs. Only to quit within a few months because either I just gave up or I had lost some and felt that I was able to continue on my own (who did I think I was kidding!) that never worked. I even had been with Beachbody trying to wing it on my own and yes I failed not Beachbody I did that person who had taken over me failed!

Fast forward in life to March, 2016, back trying to get a quick fix following a new system, working out and eating a very restricted diet based on Macros, I even used their Protein shakes. You guessed it I lost some weight, just enough to make me feel better for a Caribbean vacation, of course that is when everything good I had done went out the window and I totally lost the motivation.

From July, 2016 until February, 2017 my career took priority over all other parts of life, which meant no cares about what, how much, or when I ate. My weight soared to an all time record breaking high! My back hurt all the time, my knees hurt, I wasn’t sleeping well, I was tired all day. I actually was depressed but too busy to try and figure out why my health was spinning out of control.  I had a picture sent to me that was taken when I was at a luncheon for a co-worker, and that was the first time I really saw what I had done to myself, I knew that I could not continue down this path and it was time for me to change the direction I was heading.

I made a decision to try Beachbody again only this time as part of a Challenge Group. But I really didn’t get it, it being what this group would mean for me and what the process was to reach my goals, my happiness, my health! Yes, I was losing a pound or two, yes I was exercising 10 minute Trainer or A half of another workout three times a week if that. Most often was two times a week, and my well I was making my own meal plan based on logging in on my fitness pal for calories. By June I had to face my doctors scales and her shock at where I was compared to a year prior. This was my real ah ha moment, I was getting back exactly what I was putting into my Challenge Groups.. not much.  At this point I began to look at other women’s results, their accomplishments, reading their stories, their struggles and it began to click.

I knew what I had to do, and I began to turn my life and mindset around. I made a commitment to do a full Challenge complete every workout by the calendar, follow the weekly meal plans exactly as they were written for the full 3 weeks.  Within the first week I began my transformation, it continued through all three and then  did a second round. Changes kept coming, I was more active, I began to see that I really wanted to share this with other women who have struggled to find their fit.  I took another leap of faith to go beyond signing up as a Discount coach, maybe a hobby was where I needed to be so in my spare time I could help and inspire others.

The more I am with this fabulous group of women, this tribe of women from all over the US, Canada, and now the UK, I want to expand and grow my own little tribe to join the in with the Family tribe!

Am I perfect, heck no! Have I made it to my goal weight, no but It am still in my Challenges and I am still making progress. I have lost 35 pounds, and countless inches! But, I have gained confidence, drive, determination, and a will to succeed.

Do I still have a cupcake, yep! Do I still enjoy a glass of wine, you better believe it, have I eaten out and had a Margarita yes! Taken a day off from working out, yes. Yes to all of those but what is different is they don’t become a habit, they are a treat, something to enjoy for the moment. Those little guilty pleasures are just that and not what defines me or my lifestyle.

Who Have I become? I am me, I am a happy, healthy, fun, hardworking me!

i would love to help others find themselves, find their health and fitness.   I really get it, and the struggles are very real. I totally have been there, and understand.

Would you like to find your wellness and fitness?

How can I help you? Just contact me on the form below, I am here for you. 0r click on the link below and visit my Coach Website.

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