Week One Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

What if I told you that all carbs are not the enemy? Can I get a Hallelujah?

Even though the most popular eating style in 2019 has to have been The Keto Diet, the carbs we can get from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are so good and they are good for you too!

Eating the Right carbs from the Right foods are not the cause of obesity, the consumption of those higher glycemic starchy carbs, paired with all the sugars, man made fats (Trans-fats), and artificial ingredients are root cause of most obesity struggles.

Eating from those colorful fruits and vegetables, will help with immunity, energy, improve health in many ways providing the vitamins and minerals for our bodies needs.

One of the best recommendations for anyone who wants to lose weight and follow the Keto way would be for them to consider how they are feeling, and to know how their body is feeling. The best way to know your true insides feeling and reactions is to have your physician check your bloodwork and get to the nitty gritty of where your health stands. Not every body will be optimally functioning following the same diet plans as others. Even though we are all made with the same anatomy, and the basic roles of our organs are the same, we all have individually specific metabolism needs.

Isn’t it time you reclaim your health, wellness, and fitness, 2 Be Your Best? Until next week remember to Strive to Thrive not just Survive.

Coach Cindy