Which Nutrition plan is best?

We are bombarded from every possible angle with so many options now! The list of options for weight loss and weight management are very confusing and the list continues to grow every day.

Currently, the popular and all the rage is the Keto diet, and now we have advanced with this and it is way more palatable and possible more sustainable.

In the pursuit of weight control the number one factor that I have found to be the key to success is not necessarily one plan, program or the next. What is needed is to tailor your nutrition to your own metabolism, your own bodies needs, and your belief systems. Finding that perfect answer can change from year to year and even month to month.

What do I recommend for my clients? I recommend that we do a complete assessment of your nutrition, your habits, your past and your goals for the future. It is important to understand what your individual body needs, and what you can and cannot give up in your diet.

Another area that we have to assess and understand is where you are with being more active, what you are doing, what you won’t do, and what you can start doing.

To fully get the most out of any plan you decide to use remember to do a deep dive into your past behaviors, your current situation, and where you are willing to change to reach your goals.

To learn more about your individual assessment, and how to get started contact me at cindy@healthcoachingbycindy.com

Coach Cindy